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Genesis of a Book Cover

Now that the book is almost released, I'm going to start doing some fun--OK, "fun" to book nerds--type stuff about the making of "How to Fail."  Stuff it seems other writers are uninterested (or, sometimes, "unallowed" by their publishers) to do.

First, I wanted to look at the making of the actual cover, and all the rejected designs that lay in the past.

I had two simple requests of my designer, Thoroughly Curly:

1.  Simplistic (I hate covers loaded up with all sorts of shit)

2.  Include my chapters titles somewhere (too good of selling point to not put in the forefront)

I even offered a few drunken sketches of questionable quality (designers hate when you cripple their creativity like that):

...and even...

Which lead to this first batch of designs coming in:

Eventually, we decided that black, white, and red all over might work for a children's joke, but it wasn't working for our cover.  We switched the focus to black, white, gray, and yellow, rendering these:

Better, but still not quite right.  We decided to switch "How to Fail" to a vertical position:


BETTER!  Need more color...

Need more definition...

Not quite, but close...AND...


Or did we?  Any one like any "failed" designs better????

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