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Bar #1 – Amity Hall – Post-Mortem

November 10, 1:11 PM, approx 12 hours after event ended

Fuck, 29 more to go?!

What have I gotten myself into?

I've got a wicked hangover, I've been supine all day, and I should probably have an IV attached to my arm.

But that's great!

No, not that I'm in deathly pain, but that I actually had a book event where someone could do the kind of things that make you need to call in "sick" for work the next day.  Believe me, if my event had been at Barnes & Noble last night, I'd feel physically great and most certainly un-hungover today, but I wouldn't have had fun and neither would any of the attendees.

The most common refrain I heard last night was:  "I can't believe I stayed this long."  You know why?  Because people are used to a typical book event which involves going to an over-lit bookstore, hanging out with old farts looking for some freebie "entertainment," and falling asleep as a nerdy author stands behind a lectern reading a book you're already planning on reading yourself.  The hardest drink around a mere Nantucket Nectar.

Well last night we had my own How to Fail Cocktail--a delicious blend of bonded bourbon, Grand Marnier, apple cider, and a splash of ginger beer created by noted DC mixologist Derek Wallace--and we, more importantly, had fun.  And the house was still packed around midnight.  Try making it to last call at a Borders.

And now I'm in pain and have scarred vocal chords.  I feel like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston.  If they were authors on a whirlwind book/drinking tour and not just washed-up drug addict singers.

Oh well, onto event #2 tonight--Brooklyn Bowl--doors at 6:00 PM.  If you didn't make it out last night, join the fun today.  If you made it last night, come again for even more fun as I secretly try to start an Aaron Goldfarb Deadhead-like traveling circus (Failheads?)


*None.  It was an awesome, near-flawless day and event.  I'll never forget it.


*As I was getting video interviewed on the street, two drunk Italians came by and started heckling me.  I stepped a way from my interview to yell back at them and they returned to chat.  Though drunk and slurring they did speak quality English.  "'How to Fail?'" one guy said, noticing the sign in front of the bar, before pointing at his friend.  "He's great at failing!"  We all had a laugh and the drunk Italians decided to change their plans for the evening and enter the party to buy some books.  Turning hecklers into friends into book buyers.  Score!


Though the Black Xantus on tap was phenomenal, the special How to Fail Cocktail was a huge winner for all.

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