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Bar #10 – Philly Cigar Club (Mahogany on Walnut) – Post-Mortem

"Do we have to dress up?" Craig wondered.

"They'll be people as well dressed as three piece suits, all the way down to some business casual types.  I'll clearly be the worst dressed."

I always was.  In fact, "How to Fail" even tackles questions of what is a proper way to present oneself.  Why do you have to wear a suit to this?  Khakis to that?  A collar here?  A tie there?  I threw on a--rare for me--collared shirt, jeans, and my beat up Doc Martens.

I'd been invited to a special event hosted by the Philly Cigar Club, an event that would surely be the most upscale on tour.  Held at the swanky Mahogany on Walnut, the event featured zero women, arguably zero "failures," and one solitary man in blue jeans.  Me.  I met a high-powered lobbyist for the tobacco industry, a celebrity charities handler, and countless movers and shakers of all ilks.  It was decidely not the kind of crowd I had written "How to Fail" for, but I'm quickly learning that the book is crossing over into most all demographics and crowds.  PCC members snapped up the book and eagerly asked for my autograph (probably for speculatory purposes, but nevertheless).

We broke our single event selling record, and I smoked so many complimentary cigars that the only way to settle my tobacco-addled stomach afterward was with a midnight run through the Taco Bell drivethru somewhere in the outskirts of town.  Something I'm guessing no other PCC attendee did that evening.  Two Gorditos and class all the way.


Getting duped into giving the book for free to a self-proclaimed "important cultural journalist" the night before who we never actually vetted.  When he didn't showed up for a scheduled one-on-one interview with me the afternoon before our PCC event, and we realized we didn't actually have his contact info (he only had ours), we knew we'd been snookered for a free book.  Money out of my pocket.  Hope he enjoys the read.


Agreeing to an event with Philly Cigar Club!


The Alec Bradley Family Blend.  Beautiful, tasty burn.

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