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Bar #2 – Brooklyn Bowl – Post-Mortem

After a rousing kick-off to the tour at Amity Hall we shifted boroughs for night two.  Unfortunately, the day's event immediately got off to an ignominious start as my assistant locked her keys in the car.  The car that had all the books, signage, merchandise, etc.  Luckily, Craig, my manager and a Brooklynite himself, had a small box of books stashed in his apartment and we were able to set up the most meager child's lemonade stand at the front door to a most massive venue.

If you haven't been to Brooklyn Bowl before...GO.  It's a spectacular spot, almost awe-inspiring when you first enter as the space just has so much going on--bar space galore, performing stages, video screens, and, uh yeah, bowling lanes too--that so many synapses start firing and you're quickly overwhelmed.  Brooklyn Bowl is kinda like Dave & Buster's except with high-quality local beer, cool people, and no place to redeem any tickets for a fucking keychain.

We met a slew of fascinating folks, according to my manager's post:

- the two organizers of Ted X Brooklyn

- a public radio host based on Long Island

- a pizzeria owner

- marketers, ad execs

- a clown enthusiast

- PR rep for numerous liquor and spirits company

- citizen-science educational researcher

- numerous artists and musicians

...the only problem was, they were more interested in schmoozing than buying books.  Which was fine, these were great conversations, but as the head of my publishing company finishes every e-mail to me with:  "SELL.SELL.SELL!"

Nevertheless, despite the admitted cheapness of a lot of the people we met, we still sold a good deal of books and still had a great time.


*My assistant locking her keys in the car along with the books.


*The bouncer at Brooklyn Bowl buying a copy of the book to read on his honeymoon he was leaving for the next day.  Will be curious to hear how that goes!


Brooklyn Blast DIPA on tap.  One of the most underrated IPAs in America and always a pleasure to tipple!

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