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Bar #22 – O’Sullivan’s – Post-Mortem

Arlington, VA

A much needed, yet unscheduled, off day on Thursday gave me time to catch up on some quality drinking.  Yeah, sure, I've been drinking every single day for the last month or so, but on tour it's mostly been crappy macro lagers and the like.  Thursday was a chance to revisit my craft beer roots with some high-quality shit.  I spent the day with my friend DW and we raided his beer cellar, freshly stocked with some new rarities after just returning from a honeymoon in Belgium.

Friday began the first of four days in the DC-Baltimore area, a stop I considered nothing more than "batting practice" before three big boy events Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  I stopped in at O'Sullivan's, a cozy Irish pub in the hopping Clarendon section of Arlington.  The beer was expected, the food surprisingly decent, and the frat band-fueled crowd was an absolute pleasure.  We sold a lot of books and met a ton of cool people and were finished in time to head back to DW's for an epic Belgian quadruple tasting.

O'Sullivan's was hopefully a harbinger to the next three days in the area which should be absolutely epic.


Unable to find a pillow to sleep on at DW's house, he yoinked his dog's pillow, removed the pillow case, and gave it to me.  I sniffed it, and decided I was too drunk to really care.


Dinner at Ray's:  The Steaks.  Completely lacking in decor and ambiance--it gets a fucking "11" for that on Zagat's; even McDonald's can muster like a 12--the meat is second to none and absurdly cheap.


Too many to name, from a group of sours--Lost Abbey's Duck Duck Gooze, Cantillon Fou Foune, Cantilon Cuvee des Champions--to some De Dolle Belgian strong dark ales, to the aforementioned late night quad tasting, the winner of the day was still easily the quote-unquote "best beer in the world":  Westvleteren 12.  Amazing every single time I try it.

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