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Bar #27 – Track 84 – Post-Mortem

Track 84, just outside of Providence in Warwick, Rhode Island, near the airport, is a bar I'd love to call my local.  Locating the bar at a dead end next to the Acela tracks, and entering it to a fairly bright smallish single room full of boisterous locals, many of the blue collar variety, it would be easy to assume, "Uh oh, surely another shitty bar with shitty crap on tap."  Uhn uh.  Owner David Longiaru is passionate about his craft beer and serves up surely the best tap and bottle list in all of the state, if not New England.

Unfortunately for me and my book sales, the bar wasn't really bumping on Wednesday night.  But, I still had a blast schmoozing with David, bartender Big Stevie (pictured below), and other weekly tipplers, playing darts and electronic shuffleboard, and enjoying some special selections from David's massive cellar.  He truly treated me like family, plucking some choice beauties from his collection.  A barman of all trades, he even snuck away to the kitchen to whip up some of his signature Reubens, which were seriously close to the best I've ever had (David has a special seasoning and moistening method for the corned beef).

Track 84 is truly an awesome spot, and I hope to one day revisit it, next time on a more packed night.


Perhaps focusing more on enjoying great beer than on actually selling books, though the crowd was truly thin, and most guests did indeed still purchase "How to Fail."


Discovering such a great beer bar gem!


Berkshire Brewing Company's Gude Greg's Wee Heavy Private Reserve.  A special beer released a couple of months ago in honor of the late beer pioneer Greg Noonan, this is the first bourbon-barreled wee heavy I can ever recall having.  But why aren't there more?!  This was a deliciously smooth blend of rich vanilla oaked bourbon and complex malty scotch ale, a truly wonderful combination other brewers should attempt.  David was also kind enough to offer me some vintage Rodenbach Grand Cru and a 2006 bottle of espresso imperial stout Pozharnik from the now defunct Pennichuck Brewing Company.

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