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Interview with Book Lending

I did one of the best interviews I've ever done, and surely the longest, with Catherine MacDonald for the first ever Meet the Author Podcast at

Aaron Goldfarb on Meet the Author Podcast

Here's a time breakdown of key points we touch on:

0:00 -- Intro

1:30 -- "How to Fail:  The Self-Hurt Guide" (now only $2.99 on Kindle!) and why I wrote it

2:45 -- my invention of "footchapters" and David Foster Wallace & Junot Diaz

4:20 -- screenwriting and why I put that aside for awhile to write books

7:00 -- themes of success and failure in "How to Fail"

11:00 -- how I was forced to format "How to Fail" for the Kindle myself

12:30 -- falling in love with reading on the Kindle

13:30 -- thoughts on lending/sharing my books

14:50 -- Paulo Coelho pirating his own books

15:30 -- my 30 Bars in 30 Days book tour and why I don't like doing bookstore signings

17:30 -- "picking up" customers at the bar

18:45 -- Seth Godin and The Domino Project

20:00 -- the state of publishing today and where I think things are going

22:00 -- the lack of bias on Amazon

22:50 -- self-published authors such as Amanda Hocking selling better than published authors

24:30 -- "The Cheat Sheet" (now only 99 cents on Kindle!)

26:00 -- the future, Aaron?  The future...

27:00 -- my appearance at West Point and meeting people on my bar tour

30:00 -- the importance of having a great sample on Kindle

30:30 -- "The Cheat Sheet" film festival

It didn't make the cut, but I also talked about the book I'm currently working on, "Failing to Fail," which is a non-fiction novel detailing all the sordid details behind the publishing and selling of "How to Fail" and featuring guide-like elements on how to get a book made.

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