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How to Get Sued by Scientologists

While being interviewed yesterday, it occurred to me that I never mentioned the "inspiration" for the Fail-anetics videos made to promote "How to Fail."

I guess I just assumed everyone already got it.

But, apparently, you have to be of a certain age--typically over 30--and have not repressed all scary imagery from your childhood brain to recall these:

I remember these Scientology commercials appearing during day-time TV back in the 1980s while I was on summer break. Man, they freaked me the fuck out!

But, they were a perfect style to use for my own Fail-anetics commercials:

It just never occurred to me until yesterday that there were people that didn't get the spoof.

Great, now I'm going to be sued by Tom Cruise.


More Fail-anetics videos (16 in all!)

How I used the Fail-anetics videos to promote the book

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  1. I thought your clips looked sort of familiar, but I did not make the connection. Those Scientology commercials were not totally forgotten, but were buried deep in the memory banks. Now that I see them together, it is obvious.

    Is your next book going to be about trying to be Xenu in an uncaring world? That would rock.

  2. My next book will be about how to live in a Peruvian cave after Scientologists sue me into bankruptcy and force me to go on the lam.

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