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How to Sell Other People’s Books

I got an email the other day from someone who proudly told me he had just purchased Marcus Aurelius's "Meditations" per my frequent recommendations.  This happens all the time.

That's cool, it's my favorite book and I'm always trying to spread the gospel of it.

The weird thing is, though, many of these people that write to tell me they've ordered "Meditations," or started reading "Meditations," or have finished and loved "Meditations," have yet to read my book.

Which is strange to me.

I can understand if someone loved my books and then grew to love my writing and then grew to respect my thinking AND THEN bought "Meditations."  But, why would someone buy a book recommended by a guy they don't admire enough to have even read his book yet?

Let me state right from the get-go, THE book I most recommend you read in this entire world is:


Also known as:  my book.

I know it doesn't matter.  There's something about recommending another person's book that people truly respect as opposed to just shilling for your own book.  It's not just "Meditations."  Checking out my Amazon Associates account, I see I sell quite a few copies of The Philadelphia Lawyer's book "Happy Hour is For Amateurs" every month.  Again, that's great.  That's an amazing book.  Probably better than mine, quite frankly.  You should read it.

I sell tons of The Domino Project books I recommend too.  Again, that's great.  The books are great and you should read them.

But, aren't you just the least bit curious about the book written by the guy that's recommending all these books you actually want to read?!

I suppose I'm just mad because I'll never get to meet Marcus Aurelius and have him thank me for all the added sales.

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