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How to Waste Your Life Worrying About Optimizing Your Online Presence

Would more people read my blog if it had a red and blue color scheme?

Would more people Like my Facebook page if I added a Like-gate?

Would more people RT my tweets if I tweeted more often?

Would more people subscribe to my mailing list if I offered special newsletter-only content on a monthly basis?

How often should I be using my Mail Chimp?

Should I only be showing a portion of my blog posts?  Only the titles?

Should I be only posting things online at certain optimal-impression hours?

Should I worry about SEO?

How often do I need to be blogging?

Do I need more evergreen content?

Am I annoying my fans?  Or not offering them enough content?!

These are the kind of thoughts that stupidly haunt me sometimes.  That make me obsessed.  They're hard to avoid.  But, it's really just mental masturbation.  How to masturbate at work:  worry more about the tiny insignificant facades of "work" than actually doing the work.

Oh, and they are insignificant concerns.  Excuses for why your book isn't selling as well as you think it should.  Excuses for why you don't have as many Facebook fans, don't get RT'ed as much, don't have a massive opted-in mailing list.

It's hard not to find yourself fooling around on the internet and finding blogs and Facebook fan pages and Twitter feeds that are getting the results you want--but don't have--which make you think:

"Should I be doing what that guy's doing?"


You should only be worried about creating great work.  Great unique work.  Completely different from everyone else's work.

Like a pithy blog post with links to everything I've ever worried about.

Which I hope people will now click on.

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  1. Amen!

    Got some great advice from Steven Pressfield recently about how to compete in a world with more writers, bloggers, and social media savants: “Be great.”

  2. Totally agreed. You really don’t have much choice, do you? (Unless you want to waste your life trying to game the system through tiny tweaks. Sounds like a miserable way to live though.)


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