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What Would Possibly Make You Click This Link?

I was talking to a good friend yesterday. We're real friends but we're also Facebook friends, and she "LIKES" my celebrity (or whatever you're supposed to humbly call it) Facebook page, and I think she might even follow me on Twitter, and she's certainly on my Mail Chimp mailing list and perhaps even subscribes to my blog's RSS feed.  Oh, she also happens to date my manager.

Any way, we were e-mailing--I told you we're friends--and she asked when the winning film from The Cheat Sheet Film Festival would be posted online for her to see.

I was stupefied.

Why? Let's see:

*I'd twice written blog posts about it.
*I'd posted a link to the Vimeo upload of it on my Facebook page and posted additional links every time I'd written further blog posts about it.
*I'd done likewise on my celebrity Facebook page.
*And, I'd Tweeted about it ad nauseum.

I don't bring this up to slam her.   She did nothing wrong.  I did.  I am apparently doing something quite wrong.

How does an artist make the unaware aware?

This isn't an isolated incident. It happens quite a bit. People that want to hear about me, desire to hear from me, are curious to hear what I'm doing, have given permission to me to market to them, oh, and are actively looking for and anxiously waiting for my newest shit...MISS IT.  People that spend a lot of their lives online as well.


What am I doing wrong?

Why is my stuff getting lost in the online ether?

What can I do to fix it?

It's scary that I'm not even batting 1.000 with the people that crave my content.

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  1. Do you have a hub that at least links to everything you’re doing? I’m often involved in so much different stuff I have trouble with that, too.

    Maybe a homepage or something else with weekly updates, like Copyblogger does with their weekly wrap.

  2. What do you mean? Can you link to what a “hub” would look like?

    I’ve thought about weekly update posts. Then again, would even THOSE get clicked on.

    I always err to the side of less self-promoting, but I’m wondering if need to err toward more if fans of mine that are looking for my content, aren’t even aware of it!


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