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Conversations With A Fan

I respond to pretty much every single person that writes me (, but I never debate the merits of my writing with any one...unless they're a maniac.

Everything below is clearly (sic) and *SPOILER ALERT* too:

On Sun, Jul 8, 2012 at 6:10 PM, [redacted] wrote:

Do you know the three attributes to keep you out of prison???
They are marital status, drug use, and education
Also the ending was weak. Not everybody can paint,by the way painting are ex cons favorite occupations. This ending was like I won the lottery,. No character development of partner alcohol and gf promblems disappear?? Have you read american pyscho that was I thought you were going
Hope this helps [redacted]


From: Aaron Goldfarb
Date: Jul 9, 2012 9:07 AM
Subject: Re: Review
To: [redacted]


Thanks for writing. I enjoyed reading your note. As you might guess, I get a lot of emails (I suppose that's what happens when you put your email address on your book cover!). I respond to most all of them, but I usually don't address critical takes on my book. But something about your email compelled me to...

Do you know the three attributes to keep you out of prison???
They are marital status, drug use, and education

I didn't.

Now Stu is certainly not married, but aside from beer and booze he doesn't really do any drugs, and as mentioned in Chapter 1 (pages 1 and 2) he has a pretty good educational background: ("...a high I.Q., honors classes, a high school class presidency, athletic skills and accomplishments, science fair awards, writing prizes, a happy disposition, a winning smile, 99th percentile SAT score, “Most Likely to Succeed” senior year, the love of family, the adoration of friends and the opposite sex, and scholarship acceptance to a top fifty American university.  My success continued in college where I graduated magna cum laude (Latin for “only drinks five nights a week,” summa cum laude meaning “only drinks three nights a week”)...

The third one you never used and the other two you were guilty. Why didn't your character not end in prison.

As Stu says, again in Chapter 1 (pages 4 and 5): As a failure, things can’t get much worse. I’m not a ticking time bomb. There will be no climactic point at which said bomb explodes and I kill myself accidentally or get busted for shrooms at Newark International. I’m not Len Bias or Darryl Strawberry or Courtney Love or Keith Moon. I’m just your garden variety fuck up. I’m haunted by demons but they aren’t very potent demons. They’re lazy, failure demons just like their possessor. They stand on my left shoulder and goad me into drinking massive amounts of booze, stupidly spending my little money, falling ass backwards into unpleasant intercourse with fatties and uglies, screwing up job interviews, and calling the wrong kinds of people “douchebag.”

Also the ending was weak. Not everybody can paint,by the way painting are ex cons favorite occupations.

As Stu mentions in Chapter 4 (pages 76 and 77), he had spent a whole summer painting houses and really enjoyed it: The only job I've ever enjoyed was a blue collar one. Back in the summer between sophomore and junior year of college, Keith convinced me that instead of interning at some stuffy office, waitering, bagging groceries, we should get a house in South Carolina and golf every day.  Our first day in North Myrtle Beach, we saw a rich local loading some day-laborers into a pickup truck and asked him about work, needing some coin to facilitate our golfing lifestyle. Mr. Showalter was having his gigantic guest house painted and was thrilled to have two English-speaking boys up for the low-paying job. Low-paying for a true adult, sure, but for us, ten dollars an hour was phenomenal.

This ending was like I won the lottery,. No character development of partner alcohol and gf promblems disappear??

I'm not quite sure how the ending was like him winning the lottery. He is still a drinker of alcohol (though, as he mentioned on page 359, he just has "a few beers"), his girlfriend problems have only disappeared in the sense that he doesn't think about Ash any more, but he STILL has no real money and STILL sleeps on a couch--just this time in an apartment he shares in Queens with a buddy. Doesn't seem like much of a "lottery win" to me. Though you might disagree.

However, one thing has changed: his mental outlook on life. Whereas before Stu was depressed about all the things he didn't have in life that a successful person (like his rich friends) would have, by the end of the book he's learned that success in life is just in being happy. And you can do that simply by changing your attitude and accepting yourself. Which he has done.

Have you read american pyscho that was I thought you were going

One of my all-time favorites.

Hope this helps [redacted]

It did. Hope my replies helped.

Would love if you'd add your review to my Amazon page.


Aaron note:  Tip for fellow authors, you always ask for an Amazon review.


On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 12:19 AM, [redacted] wrote:

Let me explain better the 3 attributes
Marital statue means your life as a child and life as an adult
You lost your job and you couldn't go tell your parents, so you have no support from them. Of course you aren't going to let a gf tell you what to do. I don't have to tell you a bunch of men would be dead or whatever if they didn't listen to women. That's marital status

Everybody works with stupid people, even though your character is highly educated, but he didn't use his schooling.another fact college graduates are about 4 percent.. you did a good job describing how miserable he was. That causes the drinking

Drinking makes you make bad decisions which your character did not. A lot of crappy things happen to him. What dumb things did he do????

Another fact. Do you know the highest group of people who commit suicide
They are homosexual teenagers, I thought it was interesting that you pick woman as your home saving for you rather than two men

One more thing I absolutely hated the chapter where everybody apologized. What did you learn, all of them were wrong where is the lesson on how to fail. Did you have a Holden moment or once everybody says sorry you are successful.

I have known many rich and smart people in prison. Its just that you hit all the danger points and managed to become successful
By doing what?????

I just was surprised by the ending.

Hope this help explain myself better [redacted]


On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 7:45 AM, Aaron Goldfarb wrote:

Thanks. I truly enjoyed reading that.


Remember this, fellow authors, for the next time you consider making your email address readily available.



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  1. As a St. Louis native, I was terribly offended by how St. Louis was handled in your novel. As soon as I find an attorney willing to take the case, expect a class action defamation lawsuit. Aside from that, I thought the book was awesome, and I hope it makes you really rich so I can take all your money and retire.

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