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My New Books (Yes, That’s Plural)

Family, friends, followers, fans, fellows and females and perhaps a few other f-words...

In just 22 days, on October 28th, I will be doing something I believe only one other author has ever done before--releasing two novels on the exact same day.

The novels are called The Guide for a Single Man and The Guide for a Single Woman. These two books aren't sequels, or prequels, but what I'm calling equals. Two comedic novels that can be read in either order to learn both sides of the story of…

GFSM-web.jpg GFSW-web.jpg



...two men

...two women

....and one night of bar-hopping in New York City.

Right now you can pre-order the books on Kindle, iBooks, and FG Press. Physical copy pre-orders will be up on Amazon soon.

If you’ve liked any of my past books, you’ll love these two books.

If you’ve discovered my writing from places like Esquire, MTV, First We Feast, and Playboy these books will be a great way to jump into my fictional works.

This is easily my most ambitious work yet and I’m extremely proud of the final product.

Pre-orders are crucial for building sales momentum, so I’d love if you would pre-order one or both books before the big release date on either Kindle, iBooks, or FGPress.

And, please, tell the men and women in your life--whether they’re single or married, young or old--about the books by clicking these special links for either Twitter or Facebook.

As always, thank you so much for your support,


(Don’t waste your time Googling it.  That one and only one other author--to my knowledge--is Mr. Stephen King.)


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