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Comparing online gaming between tablets and mobile phones


Online casinos accessed on smartphones and tablets are becoming the most popular form of gambling over time. The convenience and ease of use improves every day and so people can't resist the lure of truly being able to play games and visit casinos from absolutely anywhere, at any time.

There are two ways that you can access casinos on tablets and phones. You can either visit the mobile version of the website and play from the browser, or you can download casino software and play straight from your device, although this can take up a lot of space on your hard drive so is probably more compatible with tablet devices than smartphones as you run the risk of slowing your device down. Smartphones are extremely advanced now, so you will be able to find online casinos that are compatible with your device, whatever device it may be, even non-flash apple products.

It is extremely convenient to play games such as Poker, Online slots, or Roulette on your phone as it's always in your pocket, and you can easily pull it out in moments of boredom and play one of the many casino games on offer for fun, no money. Even Apple now allow certain casinos to be downloaded as apps from their app store which is good news because one thing Apple is known for is quality control when it comes to their apps.

On Android of course you can download apps straight from the browser and most of them are likely to be compatible, you won't have as much problem finding games. Casino games like those found at are likely to run more smoothly on tablet devices due to the excellent graphics and the bigger size of the device. Although they are bigger to carry around, they still come in a convenient size, no bigger than a maximum of ten inches.


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