Fail-o-Meter: Book News & Reviews


"Goldfarb's satire turns the genre on its ear...warps it like a fun-house mirror, to hysterical effect. Piss-yourself funny."
-The Philadelphia Lawyer, "Happy Hour is for Amateurs"

"This is like the Bible for screwing up, except a little more awesome. Would that make Aaron Goldfarb a prophet for failures? We'd like to think so."
-Jason Diamond, editor, Jewcy

"Attention mom, The Pope, rabbis, priests, and future would-be employers everywhere: nasty word warning! How to Fail is lurid and HILARIOUS."
-The Hedonist Jive

"How To Fail is at once a foray into the depths of spiritual bankruptcy and the foremost authority on boner genres."
-Tim Calpin, screenwriter, Assassination of a High School President

"Ladies, whether you're daddy's little princess, or daddy's little demon, this is the book for you."
-Kelly Dooley, Founder, BodyRock Sport